• Exterior, front view, guests siting in the garden
  • Burgundian Food Truck
  • Dessert served on a table



Our founder, Shane, first dreamed of owning his own coffee shop or restaurant during a part-time gig as a barista in high school. But instead of settling down into culinary bliss, the next 15 years took him all over the world during his career as a US Army Officer.

For three of those years, he was stationed on the border of France and Belgium, where Shane truly learned the 'Burgundian' way of life as well as discovered the greatest waffle in the world: the LiÈge (lee-ehj) waffle. Words like 'gourmand' and 'foodie' are more common than 'Burgundian' these days, but none are as inclusive. It simply means, One who loves all food and drink, both in quality and quantity, shared among friends.'After bringing his own LiÈge-style waffles back to Providence, RI in 2017, Shane has expanded Burgundian to include a catering team, a food truck, a cafe in downtown Attleboro, and a British Double Decker Bus cafe comingwhenever the Brits finally finish it! We invite you to experience the Burgundian way of life anytime you spot us at pop-ups and events throughout Rhode Island and Massachusetts, or with a visit to our shop for some delicious street food. Remember, there's a Burgundian in all of us.